Thursday, November 18, 2010

An unexpected change...

The Dodo did not adapt
When first homeschooling, I needed to feel as if I had it all under control.  I thought it possible to be supermom, teacher mom, clean house mom, and involved in all sorts of things mom...not so much, especially when you add in that I work part time.  I quickly learned that mind frame leads to burnout and frustration on my behalf as well  as the children's.  Instead, we figured out how to work things so they work for us.

Rule 1...all work and no play makes everyone grumpy.
We set a timer for 15-20 min (My dear Charlotte Mason...I love you)
We do the work we allow for that time.
If we are done before the time is out, we can have free time until it beeps (aka mom's cleaning, prep, get stuff done...and W.'s game or play time...C. does what she wants, puzzles, play, coloring etc)
This helps eliminate what Miss. Mason called "dawdle."  I remind W. about dawdle all the time.

Rule 2...Everyone is in this boat together...we all help clean up even if we didn't make the mess.
I quickly got sick of hearing..."but she made the mess," or "I didn't do it."  We are a family and we all help each other.

Rule 3...It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, what matters is that you do you best and try your hardest.   With W.'s fine motor issues, writing is an issue.  He becomes very frustrated very easily.  We've been doing handwriting without tears, and it is helpful, but I do not expect perfection (although legibility would be nice...W. says he's going to be a "baby in the belly" doctor, so it is fitting his handwriting is horrible.)

Rule 4...Go at your own pace.  everyone is learning here...
C. is learning to focus, W. is learning the 3 R's, I'm learning to be the best I can, and not expect perfection out of myself.

I have learned to let go.  I have learned to adapt. I have lost part of the perfectionist in me.

I slowly am learning how to live in the moment and not try to plan 23 steps down the road...did I say steps, I should say miles.
 I think I am down to about 15 miles.  

All of this in 3 months.

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