Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The calm before the storm...

It is early.  Very early.  My little girl had trouble sleeping last night and needed lots of comfort.  I was unable to get back to sleep so I begin writing.  It's a busy day around here.  The day before we take off to visit with the family for Thanksgiving.  Reminders are being given left and right.
Remember to take the hay out of my car.
Remember to take my car to work.
I'll clean your car while you're at work.
Don't forget to buy chicken feed on your way home.
You're not packed yet...what do you want?

Yesterday was my work day so I was planning on it being very busy so I spent the good part of the weekend in preparations for the big trip.  I did 8 loads of laundry, folded and put them away.  I also packed the kids and myself.  Groceries were purchased for the ride.  I keep putting up mental post-its up by taking things out and putting them by the door.  Rose hips and jelly!  Caffeine!  Mint!  Pear Butter! Books to read!  Feed the Fish!  

I had some cancelled meetings yesterday when I was at work and was able to come home and get things ready for the ride as well.  The little baby chicks were moved to the new shed.  This was a long process for I had to cut tons of wire that was holding the big chicken's cage roosts.  Then I moved the cages to the revamped shed and put the little girls in.  This process took about an hour.  Upon getting home past 7:00PM, the Hubby and I went out and got the big girls and put them in the shed.  The new set up allows for them to see each other, but avoids the nasty hen pecking of the little girls.

I am also so fortunate to be having a friend and her little ones over today.  That will wear the kiddos out so that they are nice and tired tonight.  I want them to go to sleep early tonight so that the grand adventure tomorrow will be a restful one. We're going to cook something yummy!  We always appreciate little treats along the road.  

So I will get to see my family tomorrow!  Country Sis and I are going to have a little knitting lesson, cooking fun, a mad search for the turkey roaster and most likely will laugh until we cry about getting the turkey from the pan to the platter.  

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  1. I hope you and Country Sister have a wonderful Thanksgiving together! :)


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