Thursday, February 3, 2011

A brewing storm.

It was an eerie morning.  The sun came out, bright and warm.  
Something didn't feel quite right about it.  
I made sure I took care of the chickens early just in case.
We had breakfast and went to playgroup.
The instant I left the warm school building, I knew that that uneasy feeling was.
The calm before the storm.
I have always been sensitive to barometric pressure.
The instant it starts to drop, I develop a migraine.
And there it was.
Leaving the building, the wind started to kick up and large clouds began to float by.
In the 3 minutes it took to get home, the wind started blowing bitterly cold air.
The large white clouds turned dark and foreboding.
The snow started.
Quickly, plans changed.

We decided to stay in and make cinnamon buns.
A rare treat.
Not an "always food." 

For Christmas W. got a box of wooden brain teasers and games.
He may not know it, but he's playing an addition game.
I love how every moment is teachable.
Every moment with my babies is special.


  1. I'm really sensitive to pressure drops also and get migraines when a storm blows in. I think it's pretty common actually. Glad to hear you and yours are safe and warm. (The buns looks yummy!)

  2. Thanks! They were yummy with a cup of hot tea for me and hot chocolate for the kids (hey if you're going to have sweet buns, might as well have chocolate too...right?)

  3. I know, wasn't yesterday awful. that wind took the chicken coop run roof off. I am so glad to see the sun this AM. I got my migraine last night though, I almost thought I was in the clear, but no.

  4. Those look delicious! Might have to bake today. . .

  5. Yummy looking cinnamon buns. We want our snow back so please blow it back our way.

  6. It's good you got home before it got any worse. I loved your comment about teachable moments. Enjoy those moments because all too soon they're grown up and on their own. :)

  7. Well...who knew I'd be making cinnamon buns today! But there you go, one look at your photo and I really think we must have some too. ;-)


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