School Ideas

City Sister educates her kiddos at home while Country Sister sends her kiddos to a local Montessori school.  While the educational tendencies of the sisters are different, both sisters are very involved in educating their children.  Here are some posts about education.

But I will miss you- a touching story about the school year approaching.
A day not wasted- fitting education into a busy day.
A taste of math- cooking and math all in one.
School Daze- the story of the day before the first day of home school.
French and Indian Wars- A field trip
Math and Science all in one!- a lesson idea
Rule and Order- organization ideas
The Princess and the Grease Gun- a "work" that has been going on for generations.
A field trip- another field trip, this time to a LST
Homeschooling life 3 months in- our homeschooling story after 3 months
An unexpected change- what the city sister learned over 3 months.
The Pieman- Pumpkin pie lesson idea
When W. Is Working- Keeping an active toddler working and learning while homeschooling the big kid
Twinkle Twinkle- Kids begging to do work...A star unit at Christmas time...lots of fun!
The Corner- A time to explore one way to set up homeschool.
Last night I dreamed of homework- what weird kind of kid is that