Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friends and Family: Thankfully

Yesterday was a timely and keen example of why almost everyday feels a bit like Thanksgiving... It is not just one single day that is filled with an abundance of simple wonders.  So I suppose the first thing I am thankful for is the gift of being able to see the simple things.  To live where, and how, we do;  a slow and deliberate enough life that the greatness of a small gift that flits by in a second doesn't have any less impact than the big ones.
And yesterday the gifts flowed like a river of riches, some obvious, and some hidden.  For example:

A post office trip yeilded a 5 pound box of Organic Cranberries from our dear friend's Cranberry Bog and a beautiful hand-thrown bowl from their potter neighbor!

Left on the porch of the girls' school for me.  Six enormous Long Pie Pumpkins from another great farmer friend that I can't wait to turn into a couple pies today.

I am thankful to have a full day with only the work of home to do and to focus on my family and our togetherness. 
And we can't be any more excited as we anxiously await the arrival of City Sister and family and all of visiting and playing and knitting and cooking and eating that will ensue! 
Well, I am off to turn those cranberries into some sauce...


  1. Lovely. This post makes me happy. :)

  2. Hey, I didn't mean to be anonymous! lol Oh well.


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