Monday, November 22, 2010

Comfort in Balance

After a long Saturday of getting it all done, I found myself happily engaged in the mundane.  Everyone in the house went to bed by 830 I think, which left me alone with 5 loads of laundry, bills to organize, and a ton of great bluegrass music.  I think I fell in love with bluegrass in college, or maybe just after.  Lots of good memories tied up in it and, there's just something about it that goes right with a wood fire and a simple chore.  So, what I expected to be a slog of an evening turned into a real treat.

Sunday evening was a planned treat.  I have been waiting to fill my yarn coffers for holiday knitting.  Waiting.....somewhat patiently.  Sunday afternoon was a quick trip to the yarn mecca of Maine.  I couldnt even wait for bedtime to cast on.  The oldest pulled out the Mancala board (she's a bit of a shark) and promptly whooped her dad several times while the fish and rice cooked and I stood at the counter counting stitches.  But when they were tucked in, I made myself a nice cup of Chai and curled up on the end of the couch for a spell.  The familiar click of the needles and a little simple math for pattern modification.  Its a sure sign that cold weather is here.  As much as the cold itself really.  Meditative, consistent, and productive.  Cozy hats for my girls and some rejuvinating peace for me. 

The best weekends are the ones where we find that balance.  Where our chores get done and progress is made and we are tired at the end of the day.  But not so tired that we can't enjoy a simple board game, or a knitting project or some good music.  Even if just for a little while, before the heat of the night stoked fires lulls us to rest. 


  1. Oh my, this sounds sooo lovely.

  2. Bluegrass... I'm with you... love it! The first singing I heard my son do was to a Gillian Welch song. So cute!

  3. LOVE Gillian Welch. Especially teamed up with David Rawlings. I've been doing Pandora keyed into "Old Crow Medicine Show"...that stream usually turns up some fun stuff.


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