Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting in rural Maine

Between Job #1 and Job #2 today, I made my way to the fire station to state my name and make little x's in boxes and then state my name to yet another fellow resident and pass the paper ballot into the old wooden box as she slides the skinny slot open and shut.  I am the only voter in the polling place.  I get a sticker and put it on my vest. 
Then I made my way down the road and stopped at our local lunch place.  Familiar faces.  "What, no kids today...they in the car?"  I sat and had the soup and sandwich lunch special for 5.95 with two acquaintances who kicked out a chair for me and invited me to join their lunch date.  I joined.  We talked breeding pigs (that's usually where we start) and farming and kids and lawyering (one a retired attorney and the other an artist) and family and how to keep busy--and they, both retired, cringed, exhausted, at my litany of things remaining to do.  And so I got a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie at the register and waved goodbye to the kitchen folks.  And headed home.  Feeling pretty fortunate. 

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