Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Pieman...

Okay he may not be a pie man, maybe a pie boy...but boy 'o boy does he love his pie.  
So often, I find that people do not know where their food comes, I am making sure the kiddos know pie doesn't come from the store, or even a can, but from real foods.  
So here is our pumpkin pie...and an art lesson, and  a math lesson...and whatever else you want to fit into this space.
First one must have the perfect pumpkin.

Then we cut it in half and removed the seeds.  The pumpkin
went in the oven at 350 degrees.

While the pumpkin was baking, we counted the seeds and
used non-standard measurement to find out how big
our paper towels are.  We did multiple trials to demonstrate how it is not the
best method to measure in (the towel was between 15 and 16 pumpkin seeds.)

W. then drew pictures of the pumpkin seeds.

When done, we scooped all the pumpkin pulp out of the shells.
I made a simple whole wheat crust (the nutty flavor really
complements the rich pumpkin flavor.)  The trick is this:
Put the crust on the rack...then fill with pumpkin (less mess.)

We then mixed up a standard fresh pumpkin recipe (more
eggs so it gels well.) baked it...and devoured it (can it count as
a veggie for dinner?)

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