Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Country the city

What a great weekend!  We kicked it off with a double date, sans kids, with great friends.  Walking between dinner and gelato, by a stroke of miracle, a new massage place was giving away free 10 minute massages.  Ummmm...yes!  thank you!  It was a much needed night out and we were so thankful for it!

Saturday was a home day beyond my dreams...bread baking, bean soaking, pumpkin chocolate chip cookie making, and all of those things that I love that are sometimes hard to come by for me during the week.  Topped off by watching my oldest at a riding clinic.  That really made her feel like a big girl.  And she looked like one too.  Hard to believe.

Sunday brought a trip to the tack shop for new helmets (oldest had taken a few crashes and needed replacing, youngest...well thats another story)  for my little ones and a blanket for the pony.  And in a moment that truly warmed my 7 year old BEGGED to stop at the Maine State Museum on the way home once she realized we were in the neighborhood.  Who wouldn't entertain that request!  Luckily they were open and for FREE...although normally its a dollar to get in.  If you are a parent or homeschooler in Maine and you have not yet taken advantage of the MSU I highly recommend it! 


  1. I love The Maine State Museum! I was always amazed by the bandaids.

  2. Hello there. City Sister dropped by my blog and was kind enough to leave a comment, so I wanted to return the visit. Great team blog. Helps show how relevant homesteading is to all of us.


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