Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long weekend...

War...it's the theme of at least one (often more) weekend a year.  What one? Why the (American) Civil War.  We journey across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (not the State as many would say) to the small village of Gettysburg.
  Hubby is happier than a four year old on Christmas Eve.
For Christmas one year my in-laws gave the kids a book called "The Story of Gettysburg"  It was a board book and in the end, General Lee says, "Let's go home." 
It has become a tradition over the years that I say "Let's go home." as soon as we get there.

I usually spend the time hanging out with the kids taking various naps, walking through the town, and doing other activities while others tour the battlefields (again.)
New in town this year:
Zoltar...from the movie Big

I also enjoy looking at the various farms.  Once on a tour we found out that for very little, you can live at some of the farms on the battlefield.  
I find this intriguing.

This one is one of my favorites.  The Cordori Farm.  I took this picture from the observation platform of the Pennsylvania Monument (see after all these years I have picked something up!)

Again it makes me long for the day when we may have a larger piece of property.

Hopefully not where tourists can look in your window.

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