Country Sister and City Sister love to spend time in the kitchen cooking up something fun and wonderful for their families.  Here is a small compilation of some of the items they have cooked up on the blog.

Canning and other preservation methods
Roasting- In which we roast sweet red peppers and dehydrate tomatoes
When Life Gives you Lemons- Dehydrated lemons...tea...need I say more?
Jammin- In which the competition for Rose Hip Jelly begins!
Getting Saucy- Canning tomatoes...yummy

Meal Ideas!
Breakfast: Prepared- In which a sister gets creative with breakfast
Frontier Friday- A meal on a wood cook stove!
Yogurt and Granola- Homemade...need I say more?
American Chop Suey- With some variations in the comments!
A Thanksgiving Sandwich- AKA the help me Rhonda sandwich.
Beef Bean and Barley Pseudo Soup- A great very thick stew.
Winter Dinner- How Country Sister eats locally with the season in winter
Gingerbread-Gingerbread Pancakes and Blueberry Gingerbread
A hot cup of Joe- Coffee, vitamin C.  Whatever you call's yummy!
Stuffed Chicken dinner-yum

Simple Living Helps
Homemade Laundry Detergent- Simple and cleans very well!