Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ties that Bind...

Its a little known fact that the City and Country factions are both intense Northern Exposure fans.  INTENSE!  City own the entire series on DVD, which Country borrowed and watched, two glorious episodes a night, last year.  It was a sad day when we finished the last episode.

Last night as we sat around and talked about yurt plans and farmland and knitting patterns and whatnot, we also hailed and reminisced the greatness of the fictitious Cicely Alaska and its interesting residents and their lives which we became intertwined in for a few years. 

It makes me laugh.  For folks that dont have TV and very little time to spare, we stretched our bedtimes each night for a little bit of easy entertainment.  For an escape to Chris in the Morning and Fleichman and Maggie and Holling.  Its weird. 

But if you happen to not find it that wierd....

Today the sun is out...the frost is hard and the critters are fed.  The cousins are still filling the house with yells and laughs and crashes that we dare not investigate.  And there is a kitchen load of dishes awaiting some sister bonding time.


  1. oh, i'm ashamed—i got two answers wrong! dickie heath and reasons for the fling. i haven't watched NE much in the last year, after watching them SO MUCH for years and years. i'm hoping after a break i'll forget some details and start watching them again. i'm forever shocked that there are more people obsessed with the show. i have all the episodes now on DVD, after spending every morning during college taping the day's episode rerun on VHS. all that hard work! all those video tapes! now useless! oh well. i am so pleased to find other NE fans out there. cicely is my favorite fictional place :)
    Joel: "That's the movies, Ed. Try reality."
    Ed: "No thanks."
    Ahh, love it.

  2. Yurt plans. We love our yurt. There is a couple in Homer Alaska, Nomad Shelter, who made our yurt. Such a great space.


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