Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transfer station: Score!!

We are lucky enough to live in a town that has a small all season resort community within it.  There is a lake, golf course, lots of hiking trails and ski trails too.  There are a lot of condos being bought and sold all the time, so something we quickly figured out is that these houses are emptied out, and a lot of perfectly useful goodies are left at our transfer stations swap shop. Most of the time, the things we find are small.  Wine racks, encyclopedias, gardening tools, wooden chairs, etc.  We even got a mosquito magnet a few years ago.  When J hooked it up it didn't work, but quickly figured out the wiring was bad.  He just ordered a new one, and voila!  Our backyard is mosquito free!

J has the day off today, so he's helping me out with a lot of errands.  Transfer station was one of them.  He loves helping me out with this errand because of the swap shop.  You never know what you're going to find.  When he got back today, he knocked on our back door and all I could see was his face.  The rest of his body was hiding behind the wall.  He was all smiles and was clearly hiding something.  He kept telling me to close my eyes.  He scored big today!  This was mosquito magnet kind of big!!!

J brought home this bad boy today!!!

This makes me very happy!

The things people give away in this town.  It amazes me.  It retails for $149, but we paid nothing.  We LOVE the swap shop!  He said it hadn't been there very long.  It has been raining here all day, but there wasn't a drop of water collected under the bottom silver spill tray.  The previous owner even put the owners manual in a zip-lock bag and taped it to the side (thank you, whoever you are).

A few years ago, we visited City-Sister and had the chance to use her Keurig.  We were spoiled with fresh coffee every day we were there.  I've always checked them out in kitchen stores and on Amazon, but we could never justify the cost.  Our coffee maker works great.  Currently, we brew one pot and reheat cups until the pot is gone (usually 2 days).  Reheated coffee just doesn't taste the same as a fresh cup.  Oh how I've longed for a Keurig.  Not anymore.

J stopped at the small market downtown on his way home and picked up a box of french roast cups.  It got a thorough cleaning and was put to work right away!  I had a cup with coconut creamer (still doing paleo) in a matter of seconds.  It's perfect!  I can't wait to get some Pumpkin Spice ones.

Coffee just got fun in our house.

Do any of you have a Keurig?  What flavors should we try?  How do you clean yours? 


  1. Get the K-cup reusable and you'll never have to buy the cups again (just fill with your coffee) and it tastes just as wonderful+ saves big time money!

  2. The cost would start adding up, so that makes more sense. You use the disposable cups as seed starters in the spring though, right? Do you leave the filter in, or rip it out?

  3. When we use the cups as starters, we leave in the coffee and all! The coffee us a viable seed starting medium. Just use a sharp knife and peel off the foil. The filter helps with the whole watering issue, and when the plant starts coming up, use a sharp knife to cut the filter out. Then you can take the little plastic cups to the transfer station and see what wonderful things you can get there...although, I bet you'll never find an heirloom 1970 sunset orange crock pot!


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