Saturday, September 22, 2012

I like the night life baby...

It's 3 am.
Insomnia has swung into town and I am moping my kitchen floor.
I hear a husky voice.
"Mommy-ah" She calls.  It's my little girl.  The girl who doesn't sleep through the night still at the age of 4.  The girl that sleep walks, sleep talks, sleep yells, screams and cries... and has the loudest thumb slurp this side of the Mississippi.
"I need a nuggle."  Nuggle...her version of snuggle.  Even though she is able to say snuggle, I love her tired version.  The one that reminds me that she is still my little girl.
I creep up the stairs and crawl into bed with her.  The thumb goes in and she starts to rub my hair.
I smell the sweet smell of her whispy baby hair and touch her soft skin.
Her room in the dark is a soft pinkish purple.  The bright pink trim on her giraffe curtains looks softer in the glow of the hallway light.
And I nuggle.
Happy to be where I am and what I am doing.
I am watching my baby sleep.
She rolls over and begins scratching her armpit.
Her eyes open, yet I know they do not see anything.
She is sleeping.
"I'm scratching my armpit!" She announces.
The thumb goes back in, the eyes close again.
She mutters to her sleeping self, but I cannot understand due to the thumb.
Good night little girl.

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