Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A kind of knit along

A chicken...because mommy loves the chickens

"Mom is the best"

A sealed letter

"I love you and I do not [k]no[w] when will I see you?"
As far as knit alongs go, this one is a bit off from the usual...A book and a project type of posts...but this is the one I love best...for it is full of love letters and newness...

I am the lucky recipient of usually about one love letter a week.  Yes, I am very lucky!

The first two pictures are a letter from my son,  I woke up and a bit later he came down the stairs with a card in hand.  I told me he stayed up all night writing this letter to me.  The chicken drawing is because chickens make me happy.  I think it's the best drawing I have ever gotten from him.  I love the comb and drumsticks!

Then in the mail came a letter from Mommy busypants saying that her oldest had made me something at school and sealed it all up.  She was given instructions not to open it, and to mail it to me.  So, I was so pleased when in the mail came a sweet little love letter!

So that's what I'm letters!

As for knitting, I'm putting down my shawl in favor of starting new project...a very little project.  As it turns out, one of my friends is having her first baby soon!  And I have nothing started.  I was thinking of making a sweet little vest or sweater with matching hat...

So, I put the question out there...anybody have an idea for a simple pattern for either? I'm thinking the baby is due in November, so sweater season is over here before the child will turn 6 I'm thinking either newborn-6 mo sized (as both parents are on the taller size)  or maybe making it for when it's a year old...

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  1. the pebble vest!! it knits up super quick and is easy peasy. i just made one for my soon to be nephew who is due in november. and i just knitted up a simple hat in matching yarn. it turned out really good.

  2. Oh my goodness... what a sweet little letter! She misses you so!
    You are well loved, that is for sure!


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