Monday, September 24, 2012

Kid work station

Now that we are getting the hang of our new routines, I am finding that I am not organized with this new routine.  It drives me batty!  Feeling organized calms my mind, body and soul. Without it, I feel of control.  It's not fun!  The more I try fighting it, the more out of control I feel.

#1 and I seemed to have lost a sheet of paper that is necessary for a future project at school.  I realize this is her responsibility, but it is my job to teach her how to be organized, right?  There is no place for her stuff.  J and I talked about it and he suggested a trapper keeper.  I told him that this is not the 80's anymore, and they don't sell trapper keepers.  All they have are those binders with dividers.  She's not quite there yet. 

I found a solution!!!  
While browsing Pinteret recently (I'm slightly obsessed with all you can find on that site), I came across this desk/work station and I want J to make it for the girls.  He recently got a chop saw off and has signed up for the project! 
 Just looking at it makes my brain slow down.  There is a place for everything.  The dog was even considered in this plan.  Look at the bowls and bone on the bottom shelf.  How cute!  We don't have a dog small enough for that kind of space, and quite frankly, the dog would be a distraction once #2 starts doing homework.  #2 loves our dog, so I imagine her getting distracted (as she does so easily) and hanging out with the dog instead of doing homework. 

You are probably thinking this is silly.  You are also thinking... "have them sit at the kitchen table to do homework.  They don't need a desk."  If there is one thing I am sure of right now, it's that #1 would love a desk.  We talked about it over the last few weeks (she brought it up), and just last week, I found her playing school in her room using little things from around the house as her desk set up.  She also informed me that she only has two things on her Christmas list (yes - she has started her list already... oh boy!).  She is going to ask for a desk and stapler.  Yes.  You read that right.  A desk and stapler.  The stapler thing is a little confusing to me, but I guess they let her use one at school so it seems like a novelty item in our house. 

 A trapper keeper would have been the easier solution, but this will be a good solution in the long run, right?

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