Thursday, September 20, 2012

At this moment:

At this moment I am...
Amazed that I forget how cold your feet get with crocs on without socks when letting the chickens out on a cool dewy morning.

Happy that I have a nice warm sweater to wear during the morning chores to ward off the chill.

Getting bananas out of the freezer and softening butter to make banana bread today.  When bananas start to get too mushy to eat, I just put them in the freezer in their peels.  They defrost and make great baking bananas.  As for the squash...I'm thinking apple and sausage stuffed baked squash for dinner.

Seeing tomatoes everywhere.  This morning's haul included many green ones that fell during yesterday's rains.    They will slowly ripen over time and get added to the day's fare.  Oddly, I also found two potatoes.  We harvested our potatoes about a month ago when the plants died from the drought.  These two were just hanging out slightly under the soil when I did a little mini hoeing job.

Starting to stock the cupboards for winter.  I have taken the first step I do each fall... organization and seeing what I need vs. what we have plenty of.  I also remove all dry food from canning jars (rice, beans, etc) and put them in other glass jars.  That way my canning jars are ready for the next adventure...I also put in a few treats as they are on sale...those compromise items that make family life much happier such as the tomato soup in a can and pre-sweetened oatmeal packets...the oil for the cogs of family life.

What are you up to at this moment?

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  1. I put on socks this morning for the first time too! Get them piggies warm! I'm thinking about defrosting the freezer this weekend in prep for stocking up. Thanks for the banana tip. Easy-peasy!


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