Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paleo: Haddock my way!

I bought haddock at the grocery store today and I was so excited to try making my own "crust" of sorts.  I usually put breadcrumbs and butter all over, then bake it.  Since butter and bread are a no-no with this diet, I used what was on hand.  I love browsing through cookbooks when I'm in a "food rut" and I remember seeing some fish recipes in the past that had a nutty crust on top.  This thought inspired me to create something of my own.

I split the fish into two pans.  The kids really like it with butter and breadcrumbs, so I'm not messing with a good thing.  They eat about 2 pounds between the 3 of them.  With my luck, they wouldn't like the new recipe.  They got the usual.  

For my batch, I first sauteed kale in coconut oil until crunchy.  Then, I added some unsweetened almond milk and unsweetened shredded coconut to the pan and let the milk evaporate a bit.
Next, I poured the milk mixture on top of the haddock, sprinkled walnuts on top (this was probably a mistake... I was hungry and put WAY too much) and put it in an oven set at 425 for 25 minutes.  
It was okay.  A bit dry.  This version will not be recreated.  I might try another version using less nuts, switching to coconut milk vs. the almond milk, and possibly use a sauteed spinach and shallot mix instead.  I was in a hurry with this meal.  #1 didn't eat what I packed her for lunch, so she was "STARVING MOMMY!!!"
Oh well!  That's why I'm not a chef!  Could you imagine having to please a restaurant full of people at 6:00pm that are also "STARVING MOMMY!!!"????
Other than the dry fish, my meal was quite satisfying. 
Here's to hoping your dinner was better than mine! 

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