Thursday, September 27, 2012

I should just drive the kid

This new schedule really has me all wound up. 

I am convinced that I have the slowest kids on the planet.  Well, the slowest girls anyway.  Especially #1.  Ever since the day she was born, she took life slow.  Don't get me wrong.  This is a WONDERFUL trait.  It's one I admire most in her.  But, whenever there is a time crunch, or we need to be somewhere at a particular time, it's the most annoying trait ever!   

This has posed quite a problem with catching the school bus in the morning.  I always try to get to the bus stop a few minutes early so that #1 doesn't miss it.  The same rule follows when it's pick up time in the afternoon.  I get there a few minutes early so I don't miss her.  

Something is up this week.  Monday was typical.  The girls were off to a REAL slow start (as was I... and probably the rest of the country), so we almost missed the bus.  Got there just as it was pulling to the stop.  Almost doesn't count though, right?  She made it and everything was fine.

Yesterday afternoon, I left 3 minutes early to walk down to the bus stop (it takes me 60 seconds to get to the stop), but when I walked out my front door, I see the big yellow thing at the bottom of our street with its doors closed.  The words that came out of my mouth are not appropriate to write on here, but lets just say they were colorful!  So, I sprinted down the hill and got her.  #3 didn't even bother to get off the front steps and #2 was just yelling "RUN MOMMY, RUN!!!"  J and I were wondering what would happen if I forgot her (as if!) or was late.  Guess we know now.  The bus driver doesn't let her out!!!

Today!  Well, nothing too serious happened, but I got another sprinting session in this morning.  I left early to get to the stop - thank goodness!!!  So, we were there about 5 minutes early.  I look down at #1's feet and see she is wearing her rain boots.   It's not raining, but she likes them.  Sometimes it's just not worth it to argue.  It is very important to let them develop their own style, right?  Then it hit me.  Today PE.  Her schedule is taped inside her take home folder and next to PE... in big bold letters... it says "please wear sneakers."  Again - the words that came out of my mouth are not appropriate to write on here, but they were just as colorful as yesterday! 

After I picked her up from the bus this afternoon, they ran like wild animals into the back yard and I just sat down looking at the trees.  They relax me. 
Whenever I need to slow life down a little, I find a spot to relax, look up at the trees and listen to the leaves dance.  That's what I did today. 

Maybe I'll just drive the kid from now on. 

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