Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordsmith Wednesday

Today I have two shorter picture books that are great for a wide age spread.  Like, at 30-something, I enjoy them as much as my 4 year old.

The first is:

Whale Snow by Debby Dahl Edwardson and illustrated by Annie Patterson

This is a great story about the Inupiat of northern Alaska.  It is a story about community, traditions, food and feelings.  There are so many excellent messages and learnings that can be drawn from these pages--it is a very worthwhile read.  Check out the pronounciation glossary in the back of the book and the amazing watercolors that really capture life on the edge of a frozen ocean.

Lucy's Christmas by Donald Hall and illustrated by Michael McCurdy

Travel back to New England to share this warming story that highlights the strenght of family and the joy of community and simplicity in celebration.  We read this every year and every year mine seem to get more from it.  The joy and excitement of making simple gifts is all wrapped up here.

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