Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've been...

a little absent this past week...thanks to my sister for picking up my slack.  My creative evening time has been soaked up by "snuggle me" requests that result in me waking up at 1pm crunched into one of my kids beds.  It's where I was needed most. 
A busy week of work and school and the barn...but thankfully capped off with an amazing day....I went to bed (in my own bed....with the two girls) so grateful for days like this:

1.  The kids were dressed and fed before 7am, on their own!  Good start!

2.  Family drive to school and then a quick stop at the local chainsaw store to drop our VERY old Stihl for a little TLC, and a peek at the shiny new stuff on the shelves.  I know what my husband is putting on his Santa list. 

3.  Having time to make playdough. 

4.  The cleaning time that playdough allows me.

5.  Roasted Long Pie Pumpkin and SEEDS!

5.  A card game and tea with her...

6.  "Mommy, you 'yarn' while I play the piano"

7.  A phonecall with City Sister.

8.  Stopping back at the repair shop to get the bad news about the Stihl.  Oh Santa, I hope the elves can build something, cause the change jar in the laundry room just isnt gonna cut it.

8. Watching my oldest tack up a really big horse and ride....all by herself

9.  Our own chicken for dinner

10.  Family sing-alongs with Daddy on guitar...even my 7 year old can harmonize on this one!!

11.  My oldest teaching us a all a new contra-dance she learned at school (love that music program) to bluegrass Christmas music.

12.  A witch and a fairy burning off the last of the day's energy

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