Monday, December 20, 2010

Sneak Preview....

We are excited to (sort of) announce the culmination of what has been a buzz in our home for a couple years.  Its a project my husband has had on his to-do list...mulling around in his head.   With things on the farm quieting down for the winter and his day job being a little less chaotic, he has been placing himself firmly in front of his development machine to produce what we hope will be a great resource and tool for bloggers-like-us. 
We are going into a "beta" phase and I wanted to invite all of you along, if you like, to join us.  If you would like check it out....

Just log in and create a password and, once you get your invite, you are ready to start "Re:laying" your favorite blog posts or news pieces to share with all of us.  You can also vote on posts.  The most popular posts for the day float to the top of the page. The general theme of the site is "home-centered living" --- there are several subcatagories within to sort your posts.

Anyway--check it out...mess around with it and throw up a post or two if you like.  

We are planning for a REAL Beta Launch after the first of the year so this is the true sneak preview just for you!  We are adding new features every day and tweaking here and there so check back often.  And our apologies in advance if you run into any glitches.  If you would like to give any feedback or suggestions for improvement, logged in users can "contact the squirrels" under your user name.  We'd appreciate it!

Thanks for joining us on this ride.  We are having so much fun with it and we hope you will too!!

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  1. Congratulations on your great idea. I am always bookmarking, bookmarking..... posts I want to return to. I skimmed Repasture and am thinking you are on to something here. I will come back and sign in officially later this week.


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