Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

We started a new unit.  We have been in a bit of an between curriculum levels intermission for the past few weeks.  Focusing on family, home, and the holidays.  We've become a bit informal.  It's amazing me how the kiddos are begging to "do work" in our old more structured way, so I've added some structure by doing a unit study on "Stars."

We've talked about the Christmas Story and how the Star of Bethlehem played a role.
We've read a Scholastic Science Vocabulary Reader about Stars and Constellations.
In the back of the Science Reader, there was a vocabulary section.  We studied what each of the terms were.  Then W. was able to sound out the vocabulary words using the phonics he did for Kindergarten.
W. typed out his vocabulary list for me.  
(I love all the sneaky silent "e" sounds)

Pretty cool I think...
For comprehension I made a read and draw a line to the picture work sheet for him.
We read stories about the constellations from different cultures.
We made a star craft for our front door.
W. then "taught" (as she already knew the song, but it gives W. great pride to teach his sister) C. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  They sing it at the top of their lungs in the car wherever we go.

I always have to include some baking into what we are doing.  Today we are going to bake Christmas cookies.  I was thinking of making a bunch of stars and then making a constellation with them.

I just won a prize from Soulemama (yeah, I'm a winner) and chose to get as part of it, an outer space color card set.  You get to color in the card before sending it.  I wonder who the lucky recipient will be?

Sorry about the lack of battery charger broke so I don't have working batteries...oh so is the modern life.  My dad has some really cool old cameras from the pre-digital problem.  Then again, it is so much easier to download pictures.  I'm not sure which side of the progress fence I am on when it comes to pictures...If I want a great picture I am for the old film ones anytime, but for the blog, digital is wonderful...


  1. Sounds like a fun unit...isn't is awesome when something in homeschooling really "clicks" like that, and you know the kids are actually going to remember what they've learned?

    Congratulations on the SouleMama giveaway! I enter every single one of those, but of course I've never won...which isn't surprising when usually about 1200 people enter! The Stubby Pencil giveaway was especially cool though, I thought! What a great business.

  2. I love when learning clicks...when the kiddos get so engrossed in it that they beg to learn more about see that spark...and to be the one to get the privilege to guide them through and see is amazing!

  3. Interesting. When we homeschooled we eventually went to a "year 'round" schedule, with 2 week breaks in between 6 week units. They really liked this schedule, but thought even two weeks was too long of a break!

    Congrats on your win. :)


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