Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Interesting Links To Look at...or not...

So I have been on the catch up I got to see some fun things.  I am forever losing great ideas, so in order to let you in on some things I like and keep myself organized...without further adieu, I give you some wonderful wintry links:
The Boyfriend Hat- Totally great simple pattern I have begun in a mini version for W.
Homemade Chocolate Syrup- A tasty staple in our house.  From one of my favorite Blogs! Hershey's has nothing on this!
FREE bread cookbook- need I say more?
Barefoot Books- Oh how I love books...
This is soooo cool!- Jan Brett's website...I love her books and she has a FREE calendar for next year with her artwork! I used to to a great month long language lesson unit on The Mitten when I worked in preschools.
I broke down and bought. something similar..$4.99!  Merry Christmas to me.
For the snow day...or any snowy day in our case.

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  1. This list has caught my eye! Off to check out the calendar...


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