Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scrumptious Saturday

Sorry this is a bit late...We had these for lunch Sunday, before we left Maine, so technically it was this week...So without further adieu...  

My dear husband was taken aback when he found out my family had Thanksgiving Dinner in the early afternoon.  He thought Thanksgiving Dinner should be at regular dinner time between no...the main reason being the target of this week's Scrumptious Saturday. (No, I will not show a picture of a turkey dinner with a perfect looking turkey and display of the table.) Soon, he learned the reason we have such an early dinner is so that you can digest a little, have dessert, digest a little more and then have:

(aka a "help me Rhonda")

2 slices of hearty bread, toasted
leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner
I use:
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce
congealed gravy
sweet potatoes

Spread gravy and mashed potatoes on one slice of bread.  Spread cranberry sauce on the other.  Stack/spread/mash remaining ingredients on bread. 

It's really sad to admit that sometimes mid year we will roast a turkey breast or a chicken and make all the fixings for dinner so that we will have leftovers for the sandwich of doom.  Especially on years that we do not host Thanksgiving, thus we don't have leftovers, or sandwiches.
It's that good.

I would love to hear about something that you made this week.  Drop a comment, maybe a picture...or link to your Scrumptious Saturday!

What's your favorite leftover turkey recipe?

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  1. Mmm, what a great-looking sandwich! I must admit, those aren't ingredients I would peg as going between two slices of bread, but I'm itching to try it now!

    Our family does something a little different for Thanksgiving. My father's side of the family is Italian, and growing up we always had lasagna for Thanksgiving dinner. Now, don't insult my grandmother's lasagna by picturing that vile Stouffer's muck that you buy at the store! No, this is lasagna made in an Air Force surplus cafeteria pan with cheese measured in pounds and a dead weight of at least 25 pounds!

    Now that my grandfather is gone, my grandmother gave this secret recipe to my wife for our wedding. Since then, she's been making the yearly lasagna feast. This year, I decided to pitch in too -- what a project! But we got two lasagnas out of it, lots of full bellies, and some great leftovers!

    Unfortunately, I only have a picture of the uncooked version from last year, but you get the idea. Link!

    City Roots, Country Life


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