Friday, December 3, 2010

On the road...again...

The kids are home.
I am not.
I am in Gettysburg...again.
I have some time on my hands over the next few days and figured that I'd write a little as my dear sister does not have the time...
I finally finished C.'s pink hat at 5 am...there was a fire last night down the road.  I couldn't get back to sleep, so I finished it.  How this came from THIS I do not's one of those things that happens between 4 am and 5 am.
I like it.
It reminds me of 2 things.
1) A cupcake
2) The knitted toilet paper cover my 
granny always had covering her spare roll of t.p.

I started it last trip to Gettysburg.
Tore it out the night before Thanksgiving.
I finished it today...
Not to shabby.

I hope my little girl likes it.  I have already started a mini version of the "boyfriend hat" for W.  
He chose some blue variegated yarn as well as some red alpaca wool for a stripe during a shopping trip.
Can't wait to see what that ends up looking like.

In other news, I have spent the last few hours taking a long window shopping walk.  I ended up buying a whole lot of books at a library used book store here...
I can never go past those without buying.

I found something I really like...
maybe I'll have to take hubby to see it.

Most likely I'll have TWO posts tomorrow.  One for our Saturday ritual, and one for just the day...after all, I do have a few days on my hands.


  1. What a neat cornbread pan!
    I love the cupcake hat. :)

  2. Thanks for coming by! My hope is that C. loves it as much as I do...I think I'm going to have great sentimental attachment to it as it is the first I ever made.


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