Monday, December 27, 2010

Chez Poulet Redux: Part Deux

Typical our style.  Its 15 degrees..dusk approaching..a nor'easter bearing down on us...and...voila!  We bust out the chicken house in a 3 hour push. 
It aint pretty...but it will do.  The hens are moved in, thanks to my 7 year old chicken catcher.  I would put her up against any 60 year old poultry farmer any day...she's fast, accurate and fearless and she can carry up to 4 hens at a time, upsidedown, two per hand.  She's incredible.

We are already psyched about shortened water and grain hauling trips...
And I am dreaming about slipper-footed runs just steps out the back door to fresh eggs.

salvaged rebar and slab wood and retired 4 year old greenhouse plastic=free chicken house

everyone tucked in for the storm...including us!


  1. How nice to have a live in chicken catcher. I like how you can see the chicken house from your window. That means no forgetting to feed them:) Nice job!

  2. It is a work of beauty. I'm consistently amazed by your creative thinking to re-use the old to create the new...very inspiring! Great job Country Husband, County Sister and to the half-pint Chicken Wrangler. Job Well Done!

  3. aw thanks! having done this stuff for several years now its amazing how much scrap stuff we have lying around. It is great when you go to do a project and you dont have to buy anything!


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