Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knit, knit, purl...

Granny was special.  She was one of the most special people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Odd at times, forever forgiving, gentle and kind.  Red haired and feisty she was as well.  The type of Grandmother that would give you cookies for breakfast (If you promised you'd eat the cinnamon sugar toast with her special mixture from the yellow plastic shaker, and  laden with butter, yes always real butter, and cut into 3 vertical strips with hot chocolate.) She'd take us to the playground behind her house whenever we were with her and let us do all the wild things that would to this day make our mother cringe.

I was young...maybe six or seven...She was determined to make her little "crash bang boom" as she called me, a lady.  Yes, me, a skinned kneed bookworm, who had a talent for breaking things, a lady.  One of the refined things a lady does is knit.  One should not have to purchase a hat, scarf, or pair of mittens, for a lady is resourceful.  She stays within the household allowance her husband gave her (yes granny was also a traditionalist.) Big knitting needles and thick red heart yarn were purchased.  I have little hands, and these little hands were even littler then.  I also have fine motor problems and am very uncoordinated (hence her little nickname for me "crash bang boom")  But a lady I must be and a knitting one at that.  I tried and tried to loop my finger through the yarn while holding the needles as well.  Day after day, she instructed me in keeping my hands on the needles at all times, lacing the yarn, and using the needles to go this way and that through the yarn.

To this day, I have several times attempted to knit.  When my children were born, or when I was feeling especially sad missing her.  I did eventually get a knack for sewing, which did please her.  Maybe I would be able to be a lady and catch a husband with my womanly skills!  I would hand sew and embroider items while she'd knit.  And this is how we'd spend many evenings when I would spend the night.  I remember another thing a lady always had...beautiful nails.  I remember her lovely oval nails at the ends of her long and bony fingers as she held her yarn and needles, never letting go.  These are the things I remember about her.  Perfect nails, breakfast at her house...

Well, last weekend my family went to Gettysburg.  This requires me to spend a few hours a day in a hotel room with C. napping.  She is such a light sleeper, that I cannot do anything.  I decided I would knit her a hat.  Yes, an ambitious project for someone who cannot hold the needles and swoop yarn at the same time, But I have found my own style, my own way of getting the job done.  With my memories and help from the free videos from Kaleidoscope Yarns, I'm getting there.  C. picked out her favorite pink cotton yarn, I got a FREE pattern from Wee Folk Art (twist and tie hat) I will succeed this time...I have a little one asking for a hat and fond memories to get me through it.

I also spoke with Country Sister about our Turkey Day Plans!  Seems like we're going to have a knitting party.  Maybe this little clinic will help as well.
After all, she has knit a whole sweater!

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  1. Good luck with your hat! I would love to knit a hat myself. But I am clueless about knitting. I look at the pattern and I just don't get it...I guess I need to do some research so I can understand what it's all about.


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