Monday, October 1, 2012


 As we have every fall since my husband and I were dating we have gone to Gettysburg with the husband's family...including aunts and cousins.  This year was no exception, and I have 228 pictures to prove it.  The odd thing is that despite having been there many times, I still get disoriented whenever I go there.  I know about the fishhook, wheat field, peach orchard, little round top (Round Top ice cream is something else I know about...) and devil's den, but ask me to locate them and you're asking the wrong person.
Yet, I love the scenery.

The trees alone are amazing.  The top picture is of a "witness tree" as in a tree that was there during the battle of Gettysburg (at least 150 years old...most likely much older.)

The husband and I took a hike to a place that few people ever's about a mile and a half hike each way in a stream bed and then around a stand of trees to get to a "map road" as in a road that only exists on maps.  One must hike in the stream bed to stay on federal land and signs every few feet remind you that if you go outside of that area, you are trespassing on private land.  But it was worth it to see some really neat monuments.

And the monuments...I have lots of pictures of those.  I love the detail.  Imagine carving out the images.  The detail in some are amazing.  Others are just chunks of stone.  Most have some element of the state that they marble inlay...granite...or just the names of long forgotten soldiers...looking sad and scared, brave, but mostly mustached.   

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