Friday, August 24, 2012

Personal assistant at your service!

This picture can pretty much summarize my day. 
It feels like I spend most of the day in the kitchen, by the stove, prepping things or cleaning things up.  Today, I got to add potty training #3 to the mix.  
The bag of vegetable scraps:  We are going to our friends house for dinner tomorrow night and are bringing veggies and hummus.  I saved the celery and carrot scraps and threw them into a freezer ziplock.  They could have gone to the chickens, but I am saving it for fall/winter chicken soup.  We will be having a lot of it starting in September.  Buying meat in bulk is pretty popular where we are, and our next purchase is going to be 12 whole chickens.
The knife:  My most used tool in the kitchen!  It is used and washed at least 8 times a day.  I used it a lot on carrots today.  It is our go-to snack served with hummus.  
The carrots:  These two are going to be used for muffins tomorrow morning.  I am planning on filling the house with the wonderful aroma of spiced carrot muffins.  Yankee Candle can't top the real thing!!  They sound amazing, and while I can't have them (Paleo... grrrr), the kids will devour a dozen in no time.  That's where the grater comes in.  The recipe calls for 2 shredded carrots.  I did that tonight, put them in a glass pyrex with a lid and shoved them in the fridge.  The recipe is propped up and ready for me to start. 

The jar of M&M's?  Well, that's the potty training incentive!  #3 gets one every time he goes.  1 for pee and 2 for poop.  He's such a smarty pants and has figured out a way to manipulate the system.  He sits on the potty, does the tiniest bit of pee, gets up and gets his M&M.  After I give it to him, he goes right back to his potty and does it again.  He gets another M&M.  It took me a bit to figure out he what he was doing... the other two were fighting ALL DAY (they don't stop... I am SO ready for school to start), but I'm on to him now.  Game on little buddy! 
So, cooking, cleaning up, prepping for tomorrow and potty training.  My life in a nutshell.  Someday I will be more than just a personal assistant to 3 little people.  Someday!!!


  1. Personal assistant is always useful for the person who was attached with some kind of big post in big company. They helps you to sought out the minor problems likes, cleaning and take the things at the right spot.

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    1. I agree and I hope I didn't offend you. I used to be the assistant to two attorneys and 3 paralegals before my parenting days, so I know how important it is.


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