Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am pleased to introduce...

As you may have noticed, my sister, the Country Sister, has become very busy.  She has two girls to cart around and is working hard at home and in town...She doesn't have very much spare time, and she likes to spend that with her family doing fun stuff...She said she'll peep in from time to time to say hi...

I am busy, but have gotten lazy with the posting.  I think it's just from having lots to do outside this time of year...but I'll try to get into the habit of posting more frequently because...

You may or may not know that the Country Sister and I have two brothers...and one of them is married (has been for almost 8 years actually.)  They just got chickens and have had a bit of a garden for a number of years.

And so we are pleased to introduce...

BusyMommyPants!  Stay at home mother of 3 and sister in law to City and Country Sister's.  :o)

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I grew up in the suburbs of a big city, got married, moved around and decided to settle down in the country!  So you could say I'm city gone country!  We have been together for 14 years, and married for 8 of those years.  We have three kids.  #1 possesses all the typical qualities of a first born.  She is a perfectionist and a professional bossy boots!!!  #2 is your typical middle child.  She's a go with the flow type of kid with a kind heart and sweet soul.  #3 is a spunky, energetic little guy that will keep me on my toes until the day he moves out (but I am not rushing it)! 

You just got's that going?
**HUGE CONFESSION**  I was not on board with this decision at all.  It's the hard core city in me that wouldn't die.  Animals used for non-pet purposes... such a foreign idea!  It had been the topic of many conversations with Country and City sister, but when it came down to it, we always backed out.  The main reason being that I didn't want any more responsibility than I already had.  J (my husband) really wanted to share the experience with the girls and have it be their thing, so how could I say no to that? 
The experience has been great so far.  We have 8 ladies in our hen house now and the kids love it.  After about a week outside, we made the executive decision to forbid #3 from the coop.  He would go in and come out with chicken poop everywhere.  In his hair, his ears, all over his clothes, between his toes... probably in his mouth.  He is just a gross little boy!  

As of right now, it's primarily J's responsibility.  He makes sure there is food and water, and he is in charge of cleaning out the coop.  Once they start laying, the egg collecting will be #1 and #2's job.  #3 will just watch out the window. 

Right now, what do you plan on sharing?
The chicken experience, my attempt at becoming a gardener of sorts, supporting our local community, my day to day life with the kids, and healthful cooking. 

What do you find inspiring?
Honestly, I find City Sister and Country Sister quite inspiring.  The DIY home remedies, creative menu planning, gardening and animal knowledge, etc.  I read the blog and find myself thinking "I want to try that."  Creative, environmentally conscious people inspire me. 


  1. How fun a third member. I like the idea of blog sharing.

  2. Me too! I couldn't possibly do it on my own... I've tried. Somehow, knowing that others are there to help out makes the idea seem not so impossible!


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