Thursday, August 23, 2012

Under the Stars...

In a way it is wonderful to live near a city...
It is wonderful to be able to go to a field with a blanket at sunset and watch professional ballet.

We arrive early in order to have a chance to see the behind the scenes things that were advertised to occur before the pictures.  They study toe shoes, they study hair and makeup, they survey the field to see the best place to set up our blankies...Then she sees them...two fully dressed ballerinas wearing toe in buns...and taking pictures with kiddos...She wants to wait in line.  We go...and when it's our turn, she is scared to death.  She hides behind me.  W. makes flirtatious looks at the girls and giggles...he is clearly enjoying the girl's attentions.  I ask if he wants a picture with the ballerinas and he turns scarlet...We leave the line and let other girls get pictures taken, then C. rejoins the line, gets her picture taken, and the ballerinas remembered her.  They dote upon her and she is in ballerina heaven.

As the music begins and the sun goes down, the girl twirls, leaps, and strikes crazy ballet inspired poses every moment the music is going.  She never watches except out of the corner of her eye.  In awe, she imitates what she sees on the stage.  A lady near us watches her and smiles.  Some people march right up in front of us with chairs and park in our line of vision never looking back.  W. starts asking why people are so rude.

The boy on the other hand watches as he sits on my lap.  He claims that he is only there to make his sister happy, but I know he is watching carefully.  Every time one of the male dancers does a leap or crazy footwork, he gasps.  When the danseur (a debated term for male dancer...also ballerino is used in some articles...maybe I should just say "the guy"...) lifts the ballerina, my boy starts spontaneously clapping wildly.  "Look at that mommy...he's so strong!" he looks at me and knows that his aloof attitude has been undermined...he really enjoys such things.

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