Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet my ladies

 This is where our ladies live.

We got the coop used and J painted it.  J also built the run!  The only other thing we have to do is put a roof on top to "winterize" it, so to speak.  Once this bad boy was put together and the chickens were big enough to go outside... That's when I started enjoying chicken ownership. 

They are growing on me! 
We have 8 chickens, but this one is my favorite.  She has such a personality, and has since she was a baby chick.  She has always been a jumper, bouncing off the heads of her "sisters".  Even now, I look out in the coop and hear a little "HONK", and see Ms. Thang running into the others, or trying to fly out of the run.  She has a TON of energy, and so we have decided to name her after my extremely wonderful, but energetic brother.  Nothing can happen to this one.  We are very attached to her.   

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