Friday, October 5, 2012


It's been a tricky week...we've been down to one car which means driving the husband to work and then doing what we need to do, or staying put, or begging for rides...walking isn't too much of an option here if we want to go somewhere (other than just around the neighborhood, and even then we cut through yards.) Our road has lots of bends and is built on a cliff side...without any shoulder.  That road empties onto a major highway...not so good with little kids.  So for the most part, we've been home accruing fines on our library books and studying Ancient Egypt.

One would think that being home means that I had more time available to check in here, but alas, I didn't have much to talk riveting would you find the story of the day that I pulled out all the tomato plants due to late blight...or how much I am dreading mucking out the chicken coop this fall?

So today after home school group (which we begged for a ride to and from) we found a magical package on the porch...the part to fix the car!

We got that wheel slapped on the car and went to the farmer's market and picked up the two bushels of apples we had asked the farmer to bring for us...and then to a playground to pick up the apple turner that we  borrow from a friend...and a bit of a play date...and a trip to the library (80 cents in fines.)

We arrived back home to find out the husband has already left for homecoming...oh well.  He's calling the "big game" and singing the national anthem...

So you may have noticed I picked up some apples in that rant...just you wait until you see what I'm making...I'll give you a contains apples.

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