Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yarn along craftiness...and a final day for a giveaway!

Right now I'm in the homestretch of so many projects...
Like my t-shirt yarn mat/rug...
or my Oaklet Shawl...
or a baby vest  for the little premature baby my friend just had...

I've been reading like crazy...
the new curriculum I got in this week...
or the books I got from the library...about knitting...the Opinionated Knitter is a must read!
or research for our "Ancient Egyptian Times" newspaper...
or a fun book like the Dinopedia

I'm working on a tutorial for T-shirt new love.

And I've been creating like crazy...
buttons and more buttons...
Each piece of wood seems to be talking to me...
dye me with blueberries...
carve a little more off the rim...
but not too much...
I deserve to be a toggle, not a mini button...

Remember today is the last chance to win your choice of buttons from my shop...just pop on over to my new Etsy Shop Citysister Designs and let me know what you like best...and enter to win...just by leaving a comment on this post...tell your friends for an extra chance.  I'll combine those with the comments from the original announcement post!  Leave a comment if you'd like to host your own giveaway and we can talk.
Also, there is a coupon code CSCS10 which will give you 10% off your purchase.

Frontier Dreams keep calm craft on!


  1. such beautiful projects and I love those buttons!!

  2. Wow. I'm exhausted reading about everything you are working on and reading! I think I might need to go back to bed... :)
    I love your buttons! I had a notion (see what I did there?) about making buttons last year, when we lost a lot of branches from an early snowstorm. I held on to the branches for quite a while but ended up leaving them behind when we moved; I never did get around to it. I think a nature/branch collecting walk in the park may be in order one of these days. In the meantime I will just ogle your beautiful buttons. (I like the toggles the best!) xo

  3. The buttons are so beautiful! I would love the 7/8 inch applewood buttons with bark. Thanks for the chance :-)

  4. Oh my, you have been busy,busy, busy! Button making is addictive isn't it? Yours are so very pretty and the best of luck with your shop.
    I am very curious about teeshirt yarn and am looking forward to hearing more about it.

  5. Cute little buttons! Best of luck with your etsy store. I linked to here on my current post of my free baby sweater vest pattern, in the section on buttons. Blessings!

  6. I can't wait to see all of your FOs! I would also really use that t-shirt yarn tutorial...I have a pile of old shirts that need to have something done to them - this sounds perfect!

    I love all of your buttons! My favorites are the two medium buttons without the bark. Lovely. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  7. Ooo woodsy buttons. Those just might come in handy! and is that t-shirt knitting I see?

  8. these buttons are really nice! i love the most when you can see the bark, so i think my favorites in your store are the small set of applewood buttons. but i do like large wood buttons too!

  9. Wow, you have so much going on, love it!! Your buttons are lovely and the t-shirt yarn, sounds interesting.

  10. I am just like you! Too many projects all at once ;) Those buttons are so sweet!!

  11. Such lovely yarns you've got on the go there. Button making is a blast, isn't it? And I've got a garbage bag full of old t-shirts waiting to be turned into yarn.


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