Thursday, October 4, 2012

Healthy birthday celebrations?!?!

I am very curious and am encouraging opinions here.

In the years past, I have sent my kids to school with birthday cupcakes designed however they wanted. 
Don't laugh.  This was supposed to be a lady bug.  Okay, laugh.  It's terrible!
For their birthday at home, I let them pick out a cake they would like to help make.  Here are some of the ones chosen in the past. 
(Notice the little finger prints near the mouth.  Someone couldn't keep her tiny fingers off.)
I will never make this one again.  It took me 87 hours!  Well... not that long, but too long!
This was something I enjoyed doing with the kids.  They got to make the choice on what to make and they got to help make that choice become reality.  Some of my favorite memories with my mother and grandmother were in the kitchen.  The laughs and conversations warmed my heart and I want to create those memories with my children. 
The elementary school and preschool have changed policies and we are no longer allowed to bring in cupcakes.
--> Insert sound clip of a car coming to a screeching halt here <-- 
They encourage healthy muffins or fruits/vegetables with healthy dips.  When I explained this to #2, she was sad.  She was very excited to help me make Tinkerbell cupcakes with green frosting and had been looking forward to it all summer.  I gave her some new options and this is what she decided. 

PS:  We snuck in some natural sugar.  We put maple syrup in the plain yogurt for a dip.  :o)  Ha!  

How do you all feel about this "healthy snack"movement?


  1. Thank goodness my kids now are 18 and 15 so no cupcakes for birthdays because the schools around here only want healthy snacks. I understand about childhood obesity but come on, it's a birthday. Your snack does look good but how nice your children get the chance to bake with you.Cheryl

    1. I agree with you, to a certain extent. A cupcake at school is not going to put a child at more risk for childhood obesity. More often than not, it's the dietary habits at home that will. We like making our little ones feel special for their birthdays, and this is one of the ways.
      Thanks for your input!


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