Friday, October 15, 2010

Homesteading by Floodlight

Last night I pulled in at 6pm to the yellow glow of the shop light shining through the trees.  I parked and saw three bent bodies huddling around the cider press, still set up from this weekend.  (still organizing pictures from the pending)  A 50 gallon barrel already full of macerated apples, the wooden plates, sacks and apples being alternately stacked in the press.  The red bottle jack standing ready to do its job.  Our four carboys already standing full from the weekend, and our dear friend's two 6 gallon wine making containers awaiting filling.  I run inside and quickly pull together a hot meal.  Cut up potatoes, toss in water.  Voila!  Cheesy mashed potatoes and the last of the baked beans from the weekend. 
The best cider is made from a variety.
 We love leaving the press up for a few days after the party as an open invitation for anyone with apples to come make some juice.  It goes to various purposes.  Fresh drinking.  Freezing or Fermenting.  Tonight it was the latter.  With a little inspiration, some gleaned apples and a couple hours of standing the cold our friends took home the beginnings of their winter libations.  Follow that with a hot (late) dinner and off to bed. 

Press in the Background . . .done for the season.  Ferment!
When you have a non-farming "day job" you often find yourself doing the farm stuff in the dark, or if you are fortunate enough to be near an outlet, by floodlight.

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