Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Festival...our place...

It has been full steam ahead on the homestead...Every year we host a big old fall fest at our farm.  It is a wonderful gathering of the friends (and their friends and their friends) that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by.  It is a chance to celebrate our community and one last big blow out before we all go into hibernation for the winter.  It is camping and fires and kids running free, eating homegrown food and fiddles and mandolins and guitars and cider pressing...its fall.

I've gotta go pull some pork shoulder apart over my coffee (sorry veggies)...full report on Monday.  May you all find something that warms you from the inside this weekend.

(a few images from years past)


  1. Sorry we couldn't be there, maybe another year. Now I feel like making some cranberry stuff...sauce, cranberry pecan scones... and think of all the cold happy people.

  2. Country Sister, that fall fest sounds like so much fun. Fall is without doubt my favourite time of year, and I would be in heaven if we had land and could put on an event like that.

    I look forward to seeing this year's pictures!

  3. What a great celebration. I might stop by. Just teasing. I love the pumpkins on the stone wall. Looking forward to seeing your photos of this year.


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