Wednesday, October 20, 2010

City Sister Love

Its been just a quarter of a year that I have shared this space with my sister.  Yesterday, I talked with her, cell phone squeezed between ear and shoulder while I mucked a horse stall and fed out hay, we chatted about the ups and downs of our kids respective learning situations.  The gratefulness we have for our 'alternative' education choices and the challenges that still present.  The barn radio mumbled in the background and Daisy stood chewing her cud.  It was cold and the sun was setting.  I clicked on the lights to clean up the aisle.  And while we talked, I smiled at the sheer perfectness of that moment. 
With several years between us we shared little more than a bedroom as kids but now, sharing this space, whatever it is, its a little celebration of us.  Its a daily connection and a support. 
Ironically, I have a persistent resistence to technology and modern media.  Y'know, no TV, no Facebook account.  I resisted blogging for the longest time for numerous reasons that are hardly worth going into at this point.  Yet, truthfully, I do like to kick back to a Netflix movie now and then.  So, true luddite, I am not.  And I am thankful that I didn't stand on a luddite soap box as I now am able to catch a smile a day from this great connection with my City Sister.  Aw!  So now, y'all.  Go call your sisters!


  1. You should go over to mom and dad's and scan in some picts of us when we were little...

  2. I'm with you. No t.v., but can't resist those amazing documentaries Netflix has. Which one of you lives in PA. Country or city. I am boarding a plane tomorrow from Anchorage-Philadelphia. I will wave as I fly over. What towns are you close to? I am hoping your fall colors are shining.

  3. It's me, Citysister, that lives in the burbs in South Western PA.

  4. what a wonderful idea to share a blog with your sistah...this was a lovely post.


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