Saturday, October 2, 2010

A math lesson...

We are, as a family, trying to be more conscientious of where our money goes and how we choose to use it.  Due to this, we find it important to teach practical applications of numbers via money.  This is also one of the main ways that W. understands numbers. 
Even Lumpy got into the action
First we taught C. to sort coins by teaching her to look carefully at the size, colors, and textures of coins.  Once C. had sorted the coins, she was also encouraged to use the pennies to count to 10 using 1:1 correspondence. 

Stacks of 10
Then it was W.'s turn.  He was in charge of making sure C. had put pennies in groups of 10, then stacking them.  W. was in charge of counting all the other coins and stacking these coins into groups of 10.  W. then was encouraged to count by 10's to see if there were enough coins to fill coin wrappers.  When the task was done...

Coin Checkers
We played coin checkers.  Our checker pieces have been long lost due to having playful children who lose things.  Coins make a great substitute.  We put them all on tails and then if they were "kings" they showed the head side.

So there you go...yet another math lesson from the Citysister family...

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