Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunrise--Dryland Training 2010

If you can do it, pull it off, the rise-before-the-kids-and-drag-out-of-your-warm-bed....
Something wonderuful does await you.  Its a sunrise the glows between the fall leaves and a bracing chill that squeezes between your layers made thin in preparation for heating up. 

Its the time of year that I habitually crave a morning run.  Running in preparation for skiing.  Fast, quiet, beautiful, heart-pumping, nordic skiing.  I'm not some amazing ex-collegiate nordic racer--but I am just crazy about it.  As is my husband...and if there is anything we have to say about it--the kids are right by our side--or being pulled behind--or pushed ahead...or whatever it takes for us to get out there.

So here's to the ambition to get myself out and moving again.  And although, SNOW, I am not ready for you are on my mind!

Hope you are finding some time to get out there and give it some in the amazing multi-colored training ground that is fall.

Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec 2010 - Fantastic!!

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