Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Washing of the Woolies

Its a ritual that lots of folks in these parts engage in.  The first 40 something degree night starts the itch. And then you find yourself in the midst of a 90 degree 4 day heat wave, going through the yearly process.
First, empty large storage bench which was last opened in April...or maybe sometime during the summer when the littlest was looking for ski goggles to wear as part of a dress up character.  Next, make a large pile on the floor of wool, fleece and miscelaneous stuff that was contained in the storage bench. 

Now, here is where I had the real stroke of genius.  Its really not a stroke of genius at all.  Its the thing that we all try to do every year but somehow it never quite holds up the way we planned.  Y'know...have everyone's hats and mitts and scarves neatly tucked away in their own containment unit that EVERYONE will ALWAYS neatly put their things in after they have properly dried them on the drying rack next to the woodstove.  (Insert loud fits of laughter masking unending frustration here).  Back to the washing...
The really enjoyable part of this process is revisiting all of our winter gear.  The hand knit hats and the memories of making each one. The techie stuff left over from days when we really used it for its intended purpose.  The sadness of passing on a much loved hat and the joy of the littlest in getting to wear big sister's prized chapeau.  Plus, I get all giddy thinking about snow.  It really takes the edge off a 94 degree day.

Woolies sweating it out...

And so I went for it.  My 2010 effort to advocate for all of the wayward singleton mittens out there.  Hopefully this one will stick.  Many factors in my favor.  Pruned out old, ill fitting items.  Kids are older.  New take on old bench that my dad made for me years ago.  And since its still super hot, no one will be messing with this picture of tidiness for at least a few weeks.

awaiting autumn chilliness


  1. A job well done, Country Sister-in-law! Could one commission said handmade hat? :) -CCF

  2. for sure! just email me a head measurement(s??)...and material choice...funky fleece (sewn) or wild wool (knitted).


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