Monday, September 13, 2010

The Princess and the Grease Gun

This moment I stumbled upon this past weekend sums up a whole bunch.  Why I love our place here, our home and our community.  Why I love how we spend our time and the way it is shaping our kid's view of the world.

A short list of things I am grateful for:

His grandfather's harrow
The third generation of greasing the same wooden bushings the same way
Her desire to help all day long
In a pink velvet and tulle princess dress
His gentle willingness to teach a 4 year old to use a grease gun
Friends who let us use their tractor whenever we need it
Neighbors who hand down pink princess dresses
A cool sunny day spent outside
New England Pie Pumpkins harvested for winter eating
A field turned under, a blank slate, anxious to be fed and get back to work
Starting the week knowing we have done good work


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping my blog!!! I love yours...will have to follow you. You and I seem to be on the same page in the same book...only in different chapters.

  2. Hi Anita! Welcome! I am a knitter but I have been wanting to crochet a little more (everyone says its faster)--- those slippers are super fun and my daughter has been begging for some new ones! I'll look forward to following your projects!


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