Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Red Hens: Part 2

So after we planted and harvested and threshed and winnowed...

We ground the grain...

(buying a grain mill was a big deal for us as it is a fairly spendy deal and we wanted to make sure we got one that would last but didn't go overboard.  after months of product comparison and interviewing all of my grain grinding friends we settled on the Bosch powered "Family Grain Mill".  We bought (Combo #M4) the power base and the flaker (for rolling grains like whole oats and spelt into flakes) and grinder attachements and they "throw in" the handcrank base..for..yknow...when the world comes to an end and we are all sitting around grinding grain into flour??? hmmmm.  Actually the kids really love to flake oats with the flaker hooked up to the hand crank!  I've been using it for a couple years now--and I am really happy with it.

and we made the bread...well, in this case, muffins.

and with the hard work of so many helping hands...from field to table...we mindfully ate our breakfast this morning, with great thankfulness for our little patch of grain.  And appreciation for all of those grain farmers out there that make those big bags of grain that we rely on everyday.


  1. I always love muffins from that beautiful pan.

  2. oh awesome!! I *really* want a grain mill. I just don't know when I'd be able to justify the price - maybe if I ever end up growing grains. For now I found a local organic company that grinds per order. Which is nice and easy and all, but there's just something better about doing it yourself :D

  3. The one thing I do love is the more complex flavor of freshly processed grains--but is a big throw down $$ wise. Seems like you have a good option going. Welcome to our space here! Thanks for jumping in!

  4. We have a local organic farm that grinds their own grain as well (it's the farm food place that I wrote about earlier) My husband picked up a 25lb bag of flour just yesterday...


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