Thursday, September 2, 2010


For about a year we have been buying the family's meat from a local farm that sells hormone free, antibiotic free, pasture raised meat.  The dear hubby could not believe the difference in the taste, the moisture content, and overall texture that the meat has, and the freshness of the smell. 

Later, upon Country Sister's recommendation, we watched Food Inc (not to be watched soon after eating) and we found it to be a bit scary.  It was quite apropos that the next day, while driving home from work, the hubby passed a store that he earlier perceived to be a warehouse of sorts but turned out to be an organic food mart.  Enter into our lives: Frankferd Farms Foods.  The prices were amazing for items that were wholesome, mostly organic and many were local as well.  The prices were almost the same as the local giant supermarket chain's conventional items, and almost 1/3 less than the local co-ops and natural food stores.
Like The Little Red Hen...They do it all.
They raise the wheat, and other grains, mill it and then sell it.

The process of ordering took a little getting used to, but finally we got our order e-mailed and then came the day to pick up our wholesome cache.

I have never seen the likes of it. It was like the Wallymart of wholesome items (and some not so wholesome, like the lovely selection of chocolate!)

My favorite part was walking into the walk in (the whole population of the Pittsburgh Zoo elephant herd could walk in comfortably and have a great time) refrigerator.  Right next to the door was the wonderful chocolate section.  We were unsure as to which we'd like so the wonderful and very helpful employee selected a few bars to try out.  He also pointed us to a non-gallon sized jar of peanut butter that does not separate, and showed us the utter lack of condensed tomato soup (drats...chop suey NEEDS condensed tomato soup.) 
To be continued...

One item the husband wanted to create in our kitchen, was peanut butter.  Although we purchased the main ingredients to create our own peanut butter we also purchased some organic peanut butter in case it goes horribly wrong.  At a later date, I will be photographing that process!

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