Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Silly Dilly Day

When visiting with Country Sister, my son W. was left alone with one jar of dilly beans.  Upon returning to the room a few minutes later, the beans were missing.  It was then we found that W. has a dilly bean problem.

The Great Missing Pyramid of Dill

Since then we have canned a few batches of dilly beans.  Two weeks later, the first jar of dilly beans were cracked open and consumed within half an hour (with the exception of a few he left for his aunt.) It is a little known fact that W. is a vinegar addict.  Anything pickled, he will devour.  Do they have V.A. (that is, Vinegar Anonymous?)  If they do he needs to go. 

The day we made dilly beans he asked if they were ready yet, and subsequently every day after he has gone to the canning closet and gazed lovingly at the jars of dillies.  C. also wanted to taste the dillys.  She has the right, as the little sister, to imitate all behaviors she sees her sibling participate in.  First, she pulled one bean out of the jar.  Then she smelled it like one would a fine cigar.  Next, she took one bite. She rolled it around her mouth.  She glared at the remainders of the offending bean.  She then placed the bean back into the jar...great. 

It's even better than double dipping.

Our handful of green beans from our garden have been dillied and otherwise consumed by the local deer population who believe, with all their little hearts, that we are an all you can consume salad bar.  I guess we'll have to wait till Monday to see if the farmer has anymore. 

Dilly Beans
Country sister: do you believe it is possible to dilly by the quart?  What do you think the processing time would be?

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