Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back in the saddle again...

While we've been "homeschooling" through the summer as planned, it hasn't been our traditional type lessons.  We have spent time in the garden, taking care of chickens and charting production of both.  
We have been exploring the world around us and thinking about geography in relation to where we are and where we are going.  
We have been thinking in a way about multiplication and division, without using those terms.  
And as usual we have been baking, cooking, and talking about our friends the "yeastie beasties" that make bread soft and fluffy.  
I am tempted to create a child's bread baking book in a story format..."Once upon a time in bread land princess wheat was kidnapped by the yeastie beasties..."  it is a story told too often in our home.  
After scouring the internet, I finally found the cure for the crankiest sewing machine on earth...and cured it from it's issues (which two sewing machine fixers couldn't fix.)  
C. is very interested in creating a princess costume for Halloween (she's been talking about Halloween since November when the candy ran out.)  
"Home Ec" may be her idea of a good time.
But now it is the time when we start the formal lessons...
It takes a while to get back in that saddle again.
W. is really looking forward to a history book that I got out of the library.
It is so far over over his head, but that's okay...I know how to paraphrase.
We are continuing on in Saxon Math and Phonics Level 1.
For science we are exploring the world around us.
And reading...lots of it.
I read a chapter of On the Shores of Plum Creek...
W. reads about 10 pages of Hop on Pop...
or a Biscuit book...
or a reader from his Phonics program...
and for math, reading and science all in one...
there's always reading the cookbook.

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  1. I'm dragging my feet a bit this year to get back in the saddle. Little by little we'll get there!
    ps- you SHOULD write a story about the yeastie beasties! That's a great idea!


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