Thursday, August 18, 2011

And the winner is...

The winner is:
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The winner is Tracey from the blog Clover who said
I adore the chicken! My favorite posts are the one's that deal with food...gardening, canning, recipes; they help expand my cooking and are a joy to try.xx

Glad to hear you like the recipes...I guess I should get that section up to date.

Again a big thank you to all who entered...and keep never know what will show up next here.  


  1. Thank you! I really do adore the chicken and the recipes you post. I do not see a contact button on your site. My email is under my profile if you want to contact me and then I'll send you my address.

  2. You reminded me, I need to drive down and see if the local sweet corn road side stand is open yet. Your corn looks great, good job!


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