Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a few eventful days around the city homestead...
A few of you have been asking about our Pumpkin.
While I am sure you are talking about the kitten my husband brought home, it reminded me that you haven't seen the garden recently.
Well, as you can see Pumpkin is a small snoozy cat who loves a little boy.
His heart belongs to that little boy and the little boy's heart belongs to his kitten who is now
Pumpkin Duncan Shumunkin.
The pumpkins in the garden are doing well too.  
I only planted the New England Pie and Long Pie seeds (one each but have many more), but also got about 2 other types of winter squash growing as well.
We didn't cage the tomatoes this year, and now I am wondering how I'm going to pick them.
The main problem is that I get too many volunteer tomatoes and then don't have the heart to pull them.
Lesson year I will be heartless.
The calendula is growing like wildfire and seeds are all over the ground for next year it seems too.
I have pulled tons of potatoes and am still waiting on the blues.  
They seem to be very slow.
In place of the potatoes pulled, I have planted fall spinach, lettuce, and carrots.
The peppers have also been taken over by the volunteer tomatoes.
Garlic has been pulled, cured, and is now in our refrigerator waiting for the biggest and best to be planted in a few months.
And the corn.
It is currently 15 pints of creamed corn.
In our full bellies as corn on the cob.
Waiting to be husked and frozen.
In the fridge for dinner tonight.
About to be put into corn bread.
Basically everywhere.
I'll have to update later on how much there really was.
So far the count is up to 48 ears.

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  1. I keep getting dozens of ears of corn dropped at my doorstep by moonlight! No lie! Last night we heard someone creep up the drive and sure enough, another "delivery man"! Good neighbors I suppose! But man those ears sure do take alot of work! Love the chicken!


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