Tuesday, August 9, 2011

He's done it again....

City husband's secretary was driving to work when she almost ran over a rock.
Only it wasn't a rock.
It was Myrtle...
The Turtle.
Myrtle wandered around the office until s/he did it's business on the middle of the floor.
Then s/he went in a box...the box came to our house.
That husband is always bringing critters home.
Myrtle was studied, examined, and then released.
Now Myrtle is living by a lovely creek far away from roads.


  1. I remember finding turtles while growing up in Maryland. If we had turtles here I am sure my hubby would be bringing them home too.

  2. This made me giggle because my family all know that if there is a turtle in or near the road - we WILL be stopping so I can move it across and/or away from the road. Hubby doesn't even ask if he's driving, just slows down and looks for a place to stop.


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